my kids had fast food for break•fast and it’s ok


My husband and I used to relish in our weekend days off.  Sleeping in, checking out the latest restaurant for brunch, and afternoon football watching (hubby watching, me napping between plays).

Our routine changed quite a number of years ago when we added kids to the mix.  A lot more of our “chores” moved to the weekend.  Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and yard work all seemed to fit in easier on our days off instead of crammed into the busy work week.  More recently, the addition of kidlet activities has shifted our time.  Hockey, football, and dance lessons all seem to have been scheduled for Saturdays and Sundays.  Initially, this was a dream come true – not having to worry about rushing home to prep dinner, pick-up the kids, feed them, and rush off to an activity during a weeknight but we realized very quickly that those weekend chores were now going to be in competition with the sudden lack of time…

Back to Sunday.

I again have been awoken at a totally unaccepatble hour (for a weekend morning).  Saturday was filled with dance practice, a football game, and an evening hockey practice.  I managed to get 3 loads of laundry done and tidy up the house, feed the family and play a board game before bed.  What I didn’t manage to get done was the grocery shopping.  Sunday morning we were low on everything – milk, cereal, eggs…just the butt ends of bread left.  As much as I knew we needed groceries on Saturday, I just couldn’t fit it in (and no – I wasn’t about to leave the house at 9 pm and grocery shop.  We all know how it goes.  We say we will just go pick-up a few things to make it through a couple of days and we end up shuffling through the aisles like zombies because we see some good deals).  It’s early.  The kids are hungry and the youngest is looking through the freezer and pulling out some freezer-burned bananas. The eldest has already helped himself to some crackers and a granola bar.  I’m hungry.  My hubby is slowly getting up (just getting over being very ill for the last couple of days).  We need breakfast…

I could have been super proactive and taken a quick shower, jumped in the car and got to the grocery store just in time for them to turn on the “OPEN” sign. The shopping would have been done and I could’ve made a healthy, balanced breakfast for the family.  But do you know what?  I wouldn’t have been happy.  I would have felt rushed.  It would have set the tone for the rest of the day.

So I didn’t shower.  I didn’t change out of my jammies.  I didn’t put any effort into my appearance whatsoever (I did brush my teeth – there is always a line).  My make-up-less, bra-less, ice cream cone pajama-wearing self got in the car and went to MacDonald’s and within minutes I brought home a calorie and grease laden breakfast for my family – and they ate it all.

Do you know what?  It’s ok.


It’s ok that I didn’t get to the grocery store the day before.

It’s ok that I chose to relax and not get the groceries done early Sunday morning.

It’s ok that my family had breakfast of little nutritional value today.

It’s ok that I am still in my pajamas and again ok that I will choose to take my kids to the park later this morning instead of going to the grocery store.

Some might look at it as procrastination.  I look at it as my prioritization.  I chose to keep my “self” in the juggle this morning – That’s ok and I think we will all survive.

How did you keep your “self” in the juggle this weekend?