welcome to the moth•er jug•gle

I started my very own blog.

 This is really happening.  

Two years in the making (or should I say in the thinking)?  I have been wanting to write a blog for quite a while now but had trouble identifying what I really wanted to write about – like,  what aspect(s) of my life I really, really wanted to spend my free time writing and sharing with all of you.

I finally had my “ah-ha” moment a few nights ago.

It’s funny how you can spend months trying to think of a blog name, a slogan, the content, the purpose – all to have it come to you while catching up on some PVR’d shows and eating some Halloween candy that you bought way too early.  Of course, the moment of clarity also arrives at 10 pm when you should have already been in bed, resting your body and spirit so that you could tackle whatever the next day had in store.  Instead, you spend the next three hours creating your domain name, an email address and an Insta account (because if you wait another second, someone else will think of the same name, same concept, same everything of course).  Why the urgency?  Why the rush to get this all up and going when the rest of the house is sleeping?

It wasn’t the urgency that made me forego a  good night’s sleep and required the purchase of an extra large coffee the next morning.

It was the passion behind the “ah-ha”.

I like my career, I am a total foodie, I enjoy trying out the latest workout trends, I like photography and I like to volunteer my time to help others – these are all blog-worthy things to write  about and share but above all my likes is my one passionate love…

Being a mom.

For me, being a mom is where the real adventure began, the happiest moments reside, and where the most difficult challenges lay ahead.  It is also where I was automatically enrolled in a 21 year juggling program – responsibility, priority, and dream “balls” continually being tossed and caught by “mom”.   The demands of a full-time career and ensuring further growth opportunities by picking up a class or two or volunteering on a board.  The guilt of leaving my children to go to work.  The financial struggles as a young family.  Meal planning (ugggh…this is the worst ladies, am I right)?  Being a cheerleader at hockey and soccer games.  Making sure the kids learn how to swim while also ensuring they have regularly scheduled appointments at the doctor/dentist/optometrist/insert other medical specialist here. Volunteering at my son’s school and with the teams of which my kids are a part.  Providing my kids with the opportunity to experience adversity while also protecting their fragile spirit. Ensuring I maintain a connection with my wonderful husband – date nights, evening talks, as well as other activities (if you know what I mean).  Lastly,  if I haven’t already dropped a ball or two and I have the strength to throw a couple more into the juggle,  it might be trying to preserve my sense of self (or identifying what that new “self” is), practising self-care by going to the gym or taking a relaxing bath, reading, enjoying a night out with the girls, or writing a blog.  Unfortunately, these balls are usually the last ones to be thrown into the juggle and the first ones to be dropped when the juggling becomes overwhelming.

Everyone’s juggle is different – but all of us are juggling….and doing the best we can.

This blog will be my story.  It will be my therapeutic prescription.  It will allow me to put things in perspective (e.g. is it really that bad that my kids had popcorn and gummy bears for dinner)? It will allow me to share what I am juggling with all of you in a (hopefully) light-hearted way.  My hope is that you, as readers, can identify with some of my stories and have a good laugh.

My passionate mom blog starts here and it’s one ball I don’t plan on dropping.